I have so many hobbies that I am enthusasitc about and take great joy in doing, I wanted to share my enjoyment with you.

My hobbies are my release from the pressures of life. I have found that immersing myself in them is the best therapy.

I started my Youtube chanel in December 2019 to share my interests and my knowledge, especially in 3D printing.

At this point in time I do not design my own 3D prints, therefore I am unable to sell them. However I am happy to take requests for prints. I just ask for the cost of the fillament and postage. You will find a lot of my prints on the Prints Gallery page, where you will also find a requests form at the bottom of the page and an option to acquire certain prints.

My hobbies also include part builds, tech, rc cars, Drones, collectable figures, collecting movie prop replicas and buying awsome stuff.

I love to buy and sell. I often sell off items to fund my other projects. Check out my Ebay for great deals on Beanie approved nearly new items. If you have any questions about anything featured on my website or Youtube channel feel free to get in touch.

Here are a selection of my videos.

To view my chanel and to see more click on the Youtube thumbnail or the link below.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website.

Beanies Hobbies