All models can be painted using most craft and spray paints. Mrs Beanies Hobbies uses acrylic paint, I use spray cans.

Mask from Predator movie
Alien Movie figure
3D printed animals
007 Golden Gun 3D Print
VW 3D printed model
Bat Man 3D print
Cival War Iron Man collectable figure
Predator Gauntlet movie prop
Harry potter 3d prints
Sexy ladies shoes

007 Golden Gun

£8 Donation

Replica of Francisco Scaramanga’s Golden Gun from the film The Man with the Golden Gun.

Cigarette lighter, pen and cigarette case assmeble to create gun.

Mask from Predator

£8 Donation

Alien figure

Flexi Animals x 1

£5 Donation

PLEASE NOTE: Only one of each item available unless made to order - POSTAGE IS FREE

Predator Gauntlet

£15 Donation

Cival War Iron Man

£16 Donation

Batman Bust

£8 Donation

VW Camper

£12 Donation

Godzilla Diorama

Spilt Coffee

£8 Donation

Alien - Facehugger

Borderlands Duke Gun

Deadpool Bust

£15 Donation

Teenage Groot Bust

£15 Donation

UV Colour Change

Iron Man Bust £15 Donation

Spiderman Bust

£10 Donation

Ironman Bust

Hydro Dipped Shazam Bust

Donation £8

Hydro Dipped Spiderman Bust

Donation £8

Hydro Dipped Captain

America Bust Donation £8

Optimus Prime

Donation £18

Abandoned Lighthouse

Steam Punk Octopus

Donation £12

Fallout Nuka Cola

Ring Pop

Donation £4

Raptor Skull

Apex Legends Wingman Gun

Harry Potter Pumpkins

Lattice Bowl

Donation £6

Ladies Shoes

Donation £15

Glow in the Dark Skull Box Donation £5

Space Shuttle

Donation £10

Nintendo Switch Arcade Case

Hex Inter-locking Storage Boxes

Stay Puft

Sky City

Donation £4

Terminator Head


Donation £4

Fairytale Tower

Donation £4

Abstract Vases

The Witcher Medallion

Donate £12

Half Scale Shark

Donate £20

This is the Mask from the movie Predator. It is spray painted gold and is full size. Can be re-painted to desired colours.

The Alien (also known as Xenomorph or Internecivus raptus) which featured in the Alien film series.

These mini beasts are printed as one piece with joining parts which result in an articulated model and are moveable and poseable.

Wristblades worn by the Predator species in the film.

With semi retractable blades, this model is spray painted gold but can be painted in any colour for a more realistic effect.

Iron Man Mk 46. Bust from Captain America: Cival War.

Printed using a silk rainbow PLA fillament to create an ombre / colour change effect.

Head/Bust from the video game "Batman: Arkham Aylum'.

Printed in black silk PLA filament.

Based on a 1970's model, this VW Camper is printed in funky purple and gold but can be painted in more traditional colours if desired.

Metropolis from the film Godzilla. The base is meant to be hollow and the buidings freestanding but I found this impractical so have left the supports in place.

This was one of my first prints. It came out really well.

The model is free standing and Mrs Beanies Hobbies decorated it with glitter to create a really eye - catching piece.

Full size replica of the Facehugger from the Alien film franchise.

The model has articulated legs and tail making it poseable.

This gun is about 33cm long and consists of 50 parts.

A challenging print but well worth it.

This print is so detailed it is really quite impressive. The designer has used a Fabric Heightmap to add texture which creates a really realistic effect.

Awesome texture and detail on this print. I used a metallic bronze filament to really make the bust "pop" and I was really pleased with the outcome.

I printed this using UV colour change filament. When it's stood in the sun or put under a UV light it changes from white to blue. Pretty cool!

This Spiderman Bust is printed using a marble filament. It has a light texture over Spidey's suit to replicate the fabric.

Can be painted if desired.

I am a massive Iron Man fan. I just

had to print this.

A nice print to add to my growing collection of Marvel busts and figures.

"Hold my staff and say my name" Love this film!

This bust featured in my "How to Hydro-dip video, it's just a fun thing.

Another Hydro Dipped bust, this time it's Spiderman.

Dipped using blue, red and gold spray paint.

This is a rather psychedelic Captain America Bust. Also featured in the Hydro Dipping video.

This print of Optimus Prime from Transformers stands over 50cm tall.

I wanted to use up some of my nearly emtpy rolls of filament and created this BEAST!

This model is really detailed and each floor is a seperate component.

On the list of things to paint.

This is such a cool print. The textures on the octopus create an awesome effect and I think it looks mega in the orange filament.

Any Fallout fans are going to love this print. I printed it in red as a base colour but would love to see this painted up like the real thing. It's on Mrs Beanie's long list of things to do!

I printed quite a few of these as table decorations for my colourful, sweetie themed wedding!

Just a fun novelty print.

I'm a massive fan of Jurassic Park.

This raptor skull print came out really well. The skull is printed using filament and the teeth are resin printed and all glued in individually.

This gun is just awesome!

The picture above shows it on it's stand for display. It is made up from several components and went together really well.

The white pumpkin is printed in glow in the dark filament. The removabe lid allows you to place a light inside.

The orange pumpkin's lid is a Sorting Hat. Both prints have the different house badges around the sides.

This abstract design bowl is an ideal place to put your fruit!

These wearable, size 6 shoes were a fun experiment.

The straps and foot pads are printed in ETPU filament which has a soft,

rubbery texture.

This fun, novelty Skull Box is printed in glow in the dark filament and has a removable brain inside!

Space shuttle on glow in the dark stand. Ideal painting project.

Retro arcade style cabinet/case to house the Nintendo switch.

Just a cool print that makes your switch look awesome.

I am always in need of more storage so I printed these handy, interlocking drawers to house my bits and bobs.

You can add as many together as you like to create a honeycomb.

From another of my favourite films - Ghostbusters!

This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is now my garage mascot.

From the film "Alita: Battle Angel", this print is a futuristic city in the sky.

The top piece is supported using strands of filament.

The Terminator films are just classics! This is the head of a Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Terminator, printed in gold PLA.

I printed this crystal cluster randomly in green filement. Mrs Beanies Hobbies said it looked like Kryptonite so that is what it became.

Another great painting project for somebody.

Just a fun print!

This set of vases look amazing with coloured lights inside. The lights scatter through the cut-outs making a stunning pattern on the wall.

We used these at our wedding and they looked wonderful.

This Witcher Medallion from the game, and later the tv series, is mounted on a stand to make an impressive display piece for any fan.

I printed this giant beast to use up leftover filament. He is painted silver but underneath is a patchwork of many colours.

He is just over a metre in length!

3D Print Request Form

If there is something specific you would like 3d printed please fill out the form giving details of the item in the "Request info" section.

Many of my prints are from Thingiverse. You can send me links from this or other similar sites. I can also print most standard 3D print file formats such as STL, OBJ, AMF and 3MF.

Get in touch and I will get back to you to discuss filament costs, specifications and have a chat.

End Game Iron Man Helmet Replica
Thundercats 3D Printed sword of omens

End Game Iron Man Helmet

This is painted and given a battle damaged look by Mrs Beanies Hobbies, using a dry brush technique. I used perspex for the eye pieces and fitted LEDs to make this look even more awesome!

Sword of Omens

Thunder thunder Thundercats,ho!

From one of my favourite childhood cartoons. Painted and detailed by the Mrs. Love this!

Halo Energy Sword

Donate £25

I printed the blades in blue filament and the handle in silver filament. I then feathered silver spray paint to give a glowing effect. Came out pretty Well.

Floating Goblet

Donate £8

A fun piece to print and really visually effective. I blinged it up using various shades of glitter. It looks magical!

Thors hammer 3d print replica
Star wars Reys blaster replica

The Claw Shield

Another Thundercats print. This is a wearable piece, printed in four sections. The sword, the gauntlet, the hand piece and the fingers are all seperate.

Dragon Head

Spray painted and then detailed with acrylic paint, I then fitted red LED lights inside the mouth. I think it looks really awesome!

Beanies Tower

Just for fun - I printed this tower. Mrs Beanies Hobbies made a flag, painted and detailed it - even adding hanging vines.

Aquaman Trident

A life size Trident of Neptune, spray painted gold and stuck on a broom handle - sweeping up can be fun!

Thor's Hammer

Life size print of Thor's Hammer, weathered by Mrs Beanies Hobbies. Another addition to my Marvel collection - its mega.

Tall Tower Diorama

Our first attempt at combining 3D printing with epoxy resin. So pleased with the results. Painted and detailed by the Mrs, we have also made a wooden base and added LED lights to the tower.

Gimli's Battle Axe

Donate £20

From Lord of The Rings. Jazzed up another broom with this massive, life size print. I used a really nice rainbow filament - too nice to paint over so left as it is. (Broom not included)


The Hawkmoon gun from the game Destiny, this gun and plaque look pretty cool. The gun is painted and weathered using a dry brush technique.

Rey's Blaster

Replica from Star Wars, Mrs Beanies Hobbies has done an amazing job making this look super realistic. This is now a real collectors piece.

Star wars Hans Solo Blaster replica
3D printed captain america shield
fallout thirst zapper replica
Fallout Nuka cola bottles replicas
Cosplay Star wars Mandalorian rifle
Full size 3d printed captain america shield end game
Life size terminator replica 3d printed
cosplay 3d print Alien Smart Gun

Life size Terminator arm

I printed this in a really nice copper colour filament which I intended to paint silver but it's too nice to paint.

I fitted LED's to the base.

Starlord's Blasters

From the film Guardians of the Galaxy, this pair of blasters look awesome! Skillfully painted by Mrs Beanies Hobbies to create a real collectors piece.

I haven't played the game but thought this hammer was super cool. Painted and weathered, it looks pretty amazing.

Skyrim Warhammer

From Bladerunner, the picture of this blaster does not do it justice. Painted and weathered to look super realistic, another true collectors piece.

Deckard Blaster Replica

Another Star Wars replica, so pleased with this print. The Mrs has outdone herself on the paint job on this one.

Hans Solo's Blaster

I'm a big fan of the Fallout collectables so decided to print a few of my own. Mrs Beanies Hobbies is a clever old bird, she recreated the labels for each bottle.

Nuka - Cola Bottles

Another Fallout item, super pleased with the results on this one. This really is a great addition to my collection of Fallout props.

Thirst Zapper

I printed this Baby Yoda to demonstrate the fuzzy skin setting in Cura for one of my videos. Check it out below.

Baby Yoda

Had several requests to print a life size Captain America Shield...

so here it is.

Printed in red, silver and blue filament and looking pretty awesome.

Captain America's Shield

From Endgame, this life sized shield

is painted and weathered for a battle damaged look. Another impressive collectors piece.

Captain America's

Broken Shield

Replica of standard issue weapon of Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars. Loving my collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

E-11 Blaster Rifle

This beast is a life size replica of the assault rifle from the game Gears of War. Painted and weathered to look really realistic.

Gears of War Lancer

Another life size replica, this T-800 print has come out incredibly well. Painted using silver spray paint then detailed and weathered by the Mrs.

Life size Terminator Bust

This impressive life size replica of a Mandalorian Rifle from Star Wars is simply stunning. The print itself came out really well and the paint job on this is so detailed, the photo does not do this piece any justice.

Mandalorian Rifle

Pulse Rifle

M56 Smart Gun

From the movie Aliens, this life size print is another highly detailed replica, painted to look super realistic - just awesome!

From Jurassic Park, the Barbasol can that was used to smuggle dinosaur embryos. I printed this using a combination of PLA and resin. The Mrs recreated the can label and the end product is this awesome replica.


Speeder Bike

Another Star Wars replica, not life size this time unfortunately! A simple but highly detailed paint job on this one, which can be seen on my Youtube video.

"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine..."

Another Aliens replica, this life size Pulse Rifle has to be one of my favourite prints so far. The paint job is awesome, everything about it is just so cool.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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Coming soon!


I am unable to sell my 3D prints, however, if you provide a donation towards buying filament, I am happy to send them to you. Simply add to cart and the item will be added to a bag and direct you to Paypal.

If you would like to request a print please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

You will be abe to see many of the items

being printed on my Youtube chanel.

I am creating new items daily. I print with filament or resin. Resin is more suitabe for small, intricate designs. If you have any of your own designs in .STL format I am happy

to print these. Alternatively send me your files from Thingiverse or similar applications.

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